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The McTavishams

A Chronicled Legacy Story

10 November
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what you're about to read and who wrote it
I am a female - aged twenty-six years old - and I have been writing since I was in the first grade. I have always been imaginative - to the point of being labeled "weird" - and I would oftentimes keep to myself when I was younger, which therefore made adjusting to the social network that is known as high school quite the awkward experience for me. As a result, I learned to turn to my creative outlet in lieu of parties and dances. Suffice it to say, I was a huge dork.

When I was sixteen my mother allowed me to buy my first romance novel, and I hungrily read it in its entirety, falling in love with both the melody and the cadence of the words. A hopeless romantic at heart, the subject matter spoke to me more loudly than if it were shouted down at me from the heavens, and I began my quest in writing Romance. I soon discovered the wonderful community that surrounds one of my favorite PC games (The Sims 2), and I found that others had begun combining gameplay along with writing... and I was hooked.

This story, although illustrated with what are essentially pixellated Barbies, is quite a bit more detailed than some that I have seen in past years. I use coarse language if the character tends to swear a lot, and there may be violence or adult content such as drug and alcohol use. Above all, this is a Romance, and as such, there will be mention of skin and kisses and sex and other "unmentionables". In other words, this story is not entirely suitable for an audience that is easily affected by any of the aforementioned details above.

Other than that, this is honestly something that I am very passionate about. I enjoy writing - it is like air to me. This story has a life of its own in my head. So please, if any of it strikes you as offensive or disruptive; before cursing me to the blackest depths of Hell for having corrupted your sensibilities, please understand that I have kindly asked you not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Thank you. :)
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