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17 October 2018 @ 03:45 pm
Meet the McTavishams; a family built by their strong founding matron Aislynn when she was forced to leave her life behind her and begin anew in the Covena Isles off the coast of Edamonella. This story is fictional, and is an alphabet legacy challenge, which began on The Sims Resource, with the direct link here. The story is no longer updated at TSR, but the older posts still remain there, if you choose to read them.

Below you will find the links to the individual generations, synopses, five most recent chapters, FAQs and other tidbits. You can also navigate to them by clicking on the links above.


This story is written for a mature audience. Some of the following story may be graphic in violence and/or sexual content, and may not be suitable for minors. If you are easily affected by these two things, leave now, or forever hold your peace. Thank you.


Chapter Lists
Generation 2; Braeden Generation 3; Claire
  Or: Search tags by chapter #
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G03:Ch45: In My Arms... Twitter | Tumblr | Q&A
G03:Ch46: PURE. LUCK.  Character Studies Spanish Lullaby
G03:Ch47: I Live in Dreams... Christiana | Claire | Colton
 Carlos | MaritzaMore...

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01.24.11 -- The McTavisham Family Tree - Please be warned; if you are reading archived entries, this family tree may contain spoilers.

27 May 2014 @ 03:49 pm
Heyyyyy... I am not even sure who's out there anymore... but if you're reading this, then maybe you remember me, for some odd reason. I am not really that memorable, in my opinion, but I like to think certain stories become memorable, and maybe you remember my stories. And that's a good thing, I think.

The last time I posted here was nearly two years ago.

And wow... have things changed.Collapse )
11 July 2012 @ 03:55 pm
Hey guys!! Em.. er, I hope some of you haven't given up on me! I know I've been awful... AWFUL... at posting. I just have a whole lot of RL stuff taking up most of my time these days. :\ Let's catch up!
  • I am now working not one job, not two jobs, but three, essentially. I work a full 40-hour week at my main job (in customer service for Under Armour team uniforms), plus part time at UNO's Chicago Grill as a hostess (omggggg my feet hurt after just four hours of that) plus I am also beginning to get more clientele for my cake business that I started up, so I'm getting an average of four to five orders per month, which if you think about it is nearly one a week, so that keeps me busy too. My apartment continually smells like cake. (I'm not complaining...)
  • We were worried we were going to have to move, but things have evened out a bit so we don't have to now. WOOHOO. I hate packing. 
  • DH is still not up to par. If I am being completely honest, I'd say he hasn't improved at all. So,.. instead of dwelling on that, I just go day to day and be thankful for his good days. 
  • I'm planning on auditioning for a Gilbert and Sullivan production of The Gondoliers (put together by a community group here) and auditions are in August, and I'm getting excited. They're a really awesome group of people (I've already met a few of them) and they're so open to new-comers. You don't even have to audition to be in the chorus, you just sign right up, so I figure, hey... I'll audition (for the sake of auditioning) and see if I can land a role, and if not, then I'll just be in the chorus and have a grand ole' time anyway!! Here's the song I'm working on... it's sung by the character Tessa, which is the role I'm auditioning for. Wish me luck!! :) 
  • Writing... I'm sure you're eager to hear something about the writing. I have been chipping away at the next chapter of SL, it's just slow-going. I hardly have time to grab the computer (see above) and when I do I'm so exceedingly exhausted that I can't even function. I used to stay up writing until 3 in the morning because I had 'alone time' then to do so... but with DH being home 24/7 and not having to work, he tends to stick to me like glue. I had a stomach flu thing going on this morning so I called in to work, then pretended I was still going to work so that DH wouldn't know I'd called in, and I am now hiding out at my dad's right now, just so I can have a few hours alone. Desperate times... 

And that's about it. Once this chapter is done, though, you can bet your booty it'll be up!! Pictures or no, I want to at least get the rest of SL up for you all to read :) So in the meantime, here's another little preview... involving Lilah cuteness. :333 

He had moved over to the small wooden cupboard in the corner that was her pantry. The front of it was plastered with haphazard drawings and paintings by Lilah. Some were more recent, but there were also drawings from when she was a toddler on there that Christiana just simply couldn’t get rid of.

“Lilah drew these?” she heard him ask as he inspected them. She turned to see which one he was looking at.

Her gaze flickered over the picture he indicated, and her heart skipped a beat. She turned back to her task of filling the bowls.

“Yes, she loves to draw,” she answered, trying to keep her voice light – praying he didn’t ask what that picture in particular represented.

It was a more recent work of art that Lilah had brought home from school. The assignment had been for the students to draw a picture of everyone they loved. Lilah’s picture was full of figures that were easily identified as her mother, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. But there had been one more addition to the picture – a figure that had dark circles for eyes that were reminiscent of sunglasses, and brown skin. When Christiana had questioned her daughter about the drawing, Lilah had proudly explained.

“That’s Mr. Carlos, Mommy!” she’d said as she’d focused on choosing a slice of apple smeared with peanut butter.

Christiana had blinked and looked back at the picture. She saw the faint lines and squiggles that Lilah had drawn along the face of Carlos’ portrait, indicating his scars. Lilah’s attention to detail had always stunned Christiana, but each time she saw it in use, she was more and more impressed.

“Well, that’s very nice of you, Sweetie, to put him in the picture. What made you decide to draw him?” She’d busied herself in taping the paper up to the pantry cupboard while she held her breath, waiting for Lilah’s response.

“Mrs. Abbott said we should draw who we loved,” said Lilah, as if this explained everything Christiana should want to know on the subject.

Christiana had turned back to her daughter and sat on the stool next to her. She’d smoothed Lilah’s hair back with her hand, tenderly. “And you love Mr. Carlos?”

Lilah’s head bobbed up and down and she licked some peanut butter off her finger. “Yep. He likes what I like,” she’d said, choosing another apple slice. “And he showed me how to catch a fire-lite, and he said my butterfly room is be-yoo-tiful.” She grinned at Christiana, her eyes bright and full of innocence.

05 April 2012 @ 01:04 am
OMG! ::flails:: I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! 
In which I get really REALLY wordy...Collapse )

25 March 2012 @ 06:57 pm
I think it's time... don't you? xP

Thanks for all the wonderful and supportive responses last entry. I wish I could group hug you all. <3

Why prolong it?  
I know you're all dying for a sneak-peek...Collapse )

02 March 2012 @ 01:44 am

Hey Everybody! ::waves:: ::jumps up and down:: ::waves some more:: 

Oh GAWD how I've missed everyone...! Every single one of you. But before I get all mushy on you, first things first: 

New layout! I've been working on it for about two weeks give or take, putting all the CSS together (and taking apart the codes from the one I had before to keep what I liked about it... *coughLACEYBACKGROUNDcough*) Anyway, you'll probably have noticed the big empty gray space at the top (with the "please forgive our dust" quip). I am planning on hauling out my "welcome mat" entry and putting the essentials up in that gray area. Soooo, that's going to take a bit to file it down and make it nice and organized. So if you happen to chance by here and things look a little funk-i-fied, pay no attention to this woman behind the curtain...she knows not what she does! ;) 

So that's that. On to the next?

This one may need a warning or two, it's a heavy subject matter.

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11 February 2012 @ 08:47 pm
Okay so I'll admit I'm a total "GLEE-K" and I watch the show every week. This past episode featured Ricky Martin - whom I had all but forgotten from my middle school fan-girl stage - and they had a ton of awesome Latin music which made me really happy. Well, what to my wondering "ears" should appear, but the absolute PERFECT song, with my story's title RIGHT IN THE LYRICS?!! Omg. I flailed. My dad didn't even know why. (I was over there, doing laundry for free, because we're broke and the washers here are $1.50 for a small load. No thank you.) 

So I thought I'd share. xD 

Let me know if for some reason it doesn't work and I'll try to fix it.

Update on SL Chapter 10:
It is on it's way. I have no pictures yet, nor do I even have the scenes set up / buildings built. But it's slowly but surely plodding along. I'm under so much pressure at work and with what's going on at home, I'm just ready to cry and/or fall into bed every night with absolutely no gumption for sitting down and working on this. But it's really starting to itch at me, which means it won't be long before I do...and it will most likely be like "OMGWRITEALLTHERESTOFTHECHAPTERSNOWWWWW." So...I promise I'm not abandoning it. <3 I love you all!!
I don't think I did this last year, but would like to start. simtopi's resolutions have inspired me to make some of my own. So, here we go! 

1) Finish Spanish Lullaby - shouldn't be too hard; based on my outline I have only about three or four chapters to go! 
2) Spend more time building up the city of Edanomella - I began changing over the look of Edanomella after I found that using the neighborhood terrain of Belladona Cove was near to impossible with all of its hills. Here is a look at what they used to look like (http://the-mctavishams.livejournal.com/33599.html). I'll post pictures of what their downtown looks like now. A lot has been featured in SL, as well. 
3) Read more; comment more - I seem to have the worst problem in that I hardly ever comment. I get nervous that what I say is going to sound stupid, or just a repeat of what everyone else has said before me, so I clam up and just lurk instead. And I need to stop it. So my goal is to be more interactive (when schedules permit). 
4) Finish Devyn's story and begin on Donovan's - and no, I won't embellish what this means ;)
5) Do more with my simblr - self-explanatory. I also need to make it more sims related, lol. Feel free to add me on yours if you want!! 

The previously mentioned family issues are starting to subside...somewhat. There are still bad days...but for the most part, now that the holidays are over with, I may just have some more time for writing...which makes me incredibly happy :)
31 December 2011 @ 04:05 pm
Happy New Year everyone!!! This is a small chapter written for the McT's - a few years ahead of where we left off. Devyn and Donovan are almost five, and Danielle is three. No pictures this time, but there will be next time! 

Warnings: Ignorance, poor social conduct, and improper terminology for people with a hearing disability. 

Claire couldn’t believe her ears. Her heart was thrumming loudly, drowning out the sound. She could feel her cheeks flaming scarlet; felt it spreading down her neck and across her collarbones. It took all of her strength to control her composure. Her knuckles shown white where she gripped the handle of the chair she was seated in.

“Mrs. McTavisham?” the devil-incarnate woman asked in front of her, seated primly in her high backed swivel chair, her hands splayed across the papers that were spread out on her overly-clean desk. Claire envisioned pouncing over the desk and kicking the lady in her sour, wrinkled mouth.

She couldn’t believe she’d ever considered Autumn Lane as a school for her children. The walls – which had gleamed white and inviting just an hour before – might as well have been covered with grime and dirt. She didn’t want to look at them.

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17 December 2011 @ 10:19 am
Fa lala lala lala la la!! 

So it's the weekend before Christmas, 
And all through the house,
Not a sound can be heard,
But the click of a mouse. 

The stockings are hung 
By the bookcase with care,
Not knowing what's happ'ning
When two cats wait there.

The tree is a-trimmed
With bulbs halfway down
To deter kitten fantasies
Of messing around

And not a cookie is baked,
Nor a present wrapped,
For me, in my slippers,
Would much rather nap. 

There are baskets to make,
And ornaments, too,
And you'd think I'd be happy
With all of the hot glue,

But instead I am sitting here
Watching the snow,
Monit'ring the cats
And telling them "NO!" 

But I have one more week,
And that should be enough
I'll just stop sleeping...
Yeah, that won't be tough...

Perhaps I should move
And get started on things.
Let my fingers be nimble -
And my feet have wings!

Wish me luck with my projects,
And good tidings you keep. 
Merry Christmas to all - 
And to all a good week!!